In the center of the Italian Riviera, Pietra Ligure is a popular seaside town for the sea and the sandy beaches and for the typical Ligurian hinterland. Residence Oleandro is a great choice for visiting and discovering the entire Italian Riviera

Pietra Ligure

Liguria is a short span of land and sea that includes everything guests may search for: clear sea, sandy beaches and ancient villages, for a vacation filled with culture, fun and tranquility.

A few steps from the sea, open green valleys of secular olive trees and maritime pines.

For those who love outdoor sports, and enjoy beautiful landscapes, high mountains stand suitable for breathtaking mountain biking (also trekking), and along the routes (all with sea view), there are cozy farm taverns where can taste the specialties of the Ligurian cuisine and buy oil and white wines as Pigato and Vermentino.

Pietra Ligure is located halfway between Genoa and Sanremo, and offers visitors a modern movie theater with shows and international festivals, popular feasts, featuring genuine dishes of fish, mushrooms and vegetables.

Pietra Ligure has a lovely promenade with tall palm trees, gardens and playground for children.

The wide pedestrian area of the historic center has been recently refurbished, which among ancient squares and the typical "Caruggi" (narrow and picturesque streets) offers a lively outdoor shopping mall with shops, restaurants and pizzerias.

Pietra Ligure is pleasant throughout the year, but it becomes beautiful in spring and autumn, when the weather is wonderful and the beaches are uncrowded.

An elegant Italian Riviera, in which, not coincidentally, the winter tourism was born, started by the English and the Germans, who from the late nineteenth came here to spend the winter time in search of the sun and on the run from the fogs of the cold north.

Pietra Ligure is alive all year round, thanks to the many families who reach usually the Flowers Riviera, to spend their sunny holidays.

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